RUT955 finds LTE connection but does not connect to

Although ZygimantasBliu from Teltonika replied to my question already with "

I will consult the developers about this issue.

", and although I had to recreate my user account because mine was deleted (as the question was), I still have the same problem with the router…
I would appreciate, if someone from Teltonika could meaningful react to my request (I just paste it again - I would also like to attach the pictures and the error protocol, but this “wiki” doesn’t allow attaching files anymore):

Since I travelled through Albania I cannot get any internet connection any more. I had a working setup, and from one day to the other things didn’t work any more.

The device finds a LTE-band on which it could connect (because the signal is good, the SIM-credentials are right, and there is nothing configured that does prohibit the use of that connection), but the device keeps on searching some other band. Even if I force the router to use this connection, he finds it, but he does not connect to.

To get a reproducible state to find the error, I did a complete factory reset - but still: no connection at all.

Now, I am in Greece, and I use the same Vodafone card that I was using some month ago, but also here: no connection.

“Sadly”, everything works well with my Huawei-USB-Stick - in Albania and also in Greece.

To sum it up, here is what I do (but it leaves me without a working internet connection):

  • Factory reset

  • Connect by wire

  • Try to log in with old credentials (failed)

  • Log in with factory credentials (admin admin01)

  • Set new admin password

  • Within the displayed wizard, adjusted time and date to browser time/date

  • Leave LAN settings as is

  • Mobile settings: adjusted to use custom APN (“internet”) without authentication and without PIN (not even entered into the PIN-field)

  • Leave Wireless settings as is (pw: z2P4RmUd)

  • Disabled RMS and Finished wizard

  • Took some screenshots of the mobile connection state (attached)

  • Disconnected the antenna

  • Took screenshot of the mobile connection state (attached with name no_antenna.png)

  • Generated troubleshoot file (attached)

  • Verified that the connection works with my HUAWEI-Stick with same APN/PIN settings (on the picture you can see that traceroute uses, which is the huawei modem)

So: I can see, that there is a good signal with which the modem could connect, but it does not.

I spent already hours (!!!) to find a solution (most of the time waiting for reboot- or config- beeing applied… … … … … waiting, and waiting…)

Could you please tell me, what I can do, to get this thing working. Do I need a new Router? Is it broke?

Kind regards

Stefan Messmer


Sorry for a delayed response.
Could you clarify if the option “Deny data roaming” is disabled in the Network → Mobile → General menu?
As a temporary solution, some Huawei USB modems may work when plugged into the RUT955. Could you try plugging in the stick into the USB port on RUT955?
Some additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Change the PDP type on the mobile interface to IPv4/IPv6;
  • Make sure you are on the latest firmware;
  • Try disabling VoLTE in Network → Mobile → General;
  • Lock service mode to LTE-only;
  • Set up a carrier whitelist with the carriers that you are certain you can use;

I will also ask you to specify the home country where the Vodafone card is registered to check the mobile settings. Thank you.
If possible, please navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, press SHOW System log button, and copy the logs. These logs can be pasted into a .txt file and attached to your next comment. Make sure to censor any private information!

Best regards,

thanks a lot for the reply! I tried all the settings you’ve proposed, except the PDP type. Firmware of internal modem and of the router itself is up to date. The Vodafone card I’m using in Greece is from Vodafone Greece. The one I used in Albania was from Vodafone Albania.
I’m not gonna try the Huawai-stick on this router. For this setup, I’m using my own TP-Link with OpenWRT. This works since years. I’m not gonna spend more time testing the Teltonika router: it goes back the next week…
I sent you all the logs and the dump files the last time - and also by mail, you should find it.
I really like the Idea of having one device with internal modem, GPS, OpenWrt and also have access to the SDK with the config changes that you made. Really nice work guys! The SDK is awesome: could crosscompile kmod-usb-audio (little tricky :wink: and got airplay and mpd work with an usb-sound-card.

Best regards,

Vodafone Greece APN is, could you try using this instead of internet?

Hey Daumantas. Thanks for the hint! That is actually true for the one Vodafone card we use (and one could go for auto-APN too with this card). But with the other one (which we use mostly), we have a special contract with Vodafone, and the APN we have to use is “internet” instead - and only this. With auto-APN or it’s not working.
It’s not, that we never have internet. I think, that it depends on the radio mast we want to connect to. On one day internet works perfectly with the mast we’re connected to, but 50km further the problem arises: excellent signal quality, APN setup correct (it was working on the other mast and I didn’t change anything), but logread lists: failed to connect to XXX (without further details why it could not connect)… Retry in 10 sec… 15 sec… 30sec… Then, I change to the Huawai-Stick and we have 30Mbit/s downstream - immediately. Same thing was in Albania (and there we didn’t have a “special contract”).

Hey Daumantas. I guess I spot the problem. It was me. I remember having this problem, when switching from the Omni-Antennas to the directional antenanna, which is not MIMO - and just one. I can’t remember taking special care on which connector I’ve plugged it, but it might be possible that I didn’t plug it to the “main” connector. Not sure about that, it might be true, that it was plugged on the main connector… I mean, the modem reported good signal quality! Is it possible, that the modem says “good signal” (because it has good RX-quality), but is unable to send? That would - at least - explain the error… I’m gonna give it a try (next time, when I’m on a more remote location - give me a week or two).

Have a great weekend!


If the signal parameters were checked while the device was unregistered from the network, the parameters themselves do not mean much, as the router could be camping on a different provider EDGE cell. But the lack of main antenna could explain this behavior. It’s hard to say without testing.

Have a nice weekend!
Best regards,

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Thanks for the help. Without you, I would have send the router back. And that would have been so sad, cause the routers you make are really great peace of hardware and fantastic software - and for sure a lot of work. You can do nothing, if someone doesn’t get the easiest cabling right! But now I know: even great support!

Hello from Greece & Thanks a lot!

Glad I could help!
If you have any further questions, feel free to post them here, on our forum!

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