RUT955 EOL Support / Best Replacement for purpose

Currently have support requests in the system via vendors and directly to the community regard unique NTRIP configurations and apparent NTRIP connection issues with regard propriety WAN, GGA message sentences and from what appears incorrect UTC time related to GGA which may or may not be related to the identified issue?

As the RUT955 EOL details have been announced my questions are:

  1. Is there a lowered support priority on such EOL products especially in regard uncommon and specific unique issues?

  2. Not knowing if this WAN/NTRIP/GGA/Time issue is a RUT955 only issue or something that might be across all compatible platforms, is it worthwhile to continue with the RUT955 support requests being at a fairly advanced stage of progressive testing or adopt the latest compatible technology platform to continue this specific NTRIP testing/implementation?

  3. If the response is to move to a newer updated/improved technology platform fit for purpose with longer life and no foreseeable EOL at the moment, which router model (or models) would be recommended?

Primary minimum requirements over an above typical basic 4G/WiFi type router are 1* (Gb?) WAN Port, NTRIP, GPS, Serial RS232 Output


Apologies for a late reply.

Support priority for End-of-Life products is not lower.

Our support may have limitations when dealing with devices running older, unsupported firmware versions. While we try to offer assistance in such cases, it might not always be feasible due to the advancements and bug fixes included in the newer firmware versions. It’s worth noting that even legacy firmware may receive updates, particularly if they address security concerns.

The support forum is a platform with community collaboration in mind.

If you encounter urgent issues, we always recommend reaching out directly to your designated sales manager or reseller for a quicker response. This allows us to share information securely and organize remote sessions if needed. Thus, we will be able to assist you more efficiently.

Regarding NTRIP, it seems there might be a misunderstanding. NTRIP on Teltonika devices is designed for use with RTK receivers connected directly to the RUT via a serial connection. The device itself doesn’t utilize NTRIP to enhance its GPS accuracy. With this in mind, it is important to note that when NTRIP is configured with a predefined string, coordinates, or router’s GPS device as the NMEA source, the RUT will use this information for the initial connection only, i.e. it will not update the information from its own GPS. It simply gets the coordinates and sends them during initialization. Then, its up to the connected RTK device to handle subsequent data transmission through the serial connection. Perhaps the following post here will clear some things up.

This NTRIP logic applies to all Teltonika Networks devices that support GPS functionality and NTRIP.

I hope this clears some things up.

Kind Regards,

Hello AndzejJ, Thanks for that.

Yes I do understand the NTRIP component re accuracy and such and have outlined in some detail results of testing to date which was sent to my reseller. I will also follow up with them again today. A brief summary is

  • Can connect using NTRIP providers via cell based network
  • Have been unable to achieve an initial NTRIP connection using the RUT955 WAN port, via fixed IP and Ethernet via Rajant breadcrumb mesh. All the network connections are good, this should also work, however something is missing.
  • I have noted some GGA message issues in regard UTC Time and Latitude whole minutes component always being 40 minutes (exactly) above the true latitude. At this point I remain unsure if this is causing NTRIP connection issues in this particular Server environment? These have been raised in separate posts but no reply to these as yet.

The detailed testing outline I have done to date I can forward direct to you if suitable? This would provide a much better indication of what I am seeing and thinking.

Note my registered email does appear to be down at the moment, hoping to get that back shortly?


Firstly, could you please check / try the following:

  • Try using the “predefined string” as the NMEA source and make sure its valid GPGGA string (checksum should match the string). You can generate and validate NMEA strings here.

  • Make sure that the client device (Serial device - RTK receiver) is sending NMEA to router, and that the format is GPGGA and the strings are valid.

  • Make sure that your login credentials are correct and valid.

  • Keep in mind that some NTRIP casters will not send corrections data if your coordinates sent to caster are too far away from their base station (for example in different country).

Also, as I have already mentioned, the only way to forward information to us directly, is to get in touch with your designated sales manager or the reseller. This would allow us to have a secure communication channel. This would be the most efficient way.

Let me know how it goes.

Kind Regards,

Hello AndzejJ,

Have been in contact with the resellers today and there is good reasons why information, outlines and details have not been actioned and/or forwarded on in recent times. Hopefully you will receive these in the near future which do outline many of your queries above.

I will follow up on this with the reseller again next week

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