RUT955 connection to PLC through OpenVPN


I have a problem with remote connection of Modicon PLC TM262-20 using OpenVPN server build-in the RUT955 device.
The Core problem is not connected with the router itself (but maybe it is?).
Firstible what I did so far:

  1. Connected to OpenVPN server - successful
  2. I can Ping the PLC and other devices in network (some industrial stuff) - successful,
  3. I can get into PLC built-in web server - successful,
  4. Local connection with PLC - successful,
  5. Remote VPN connection - not successful.

I am looking for someone, maybe experienced in that matter hwo challenged the same problem recently. I am using Machine Expert to connect to the PLC.

And last: Sorry for my english - I am not fluent.


Is PLC connected directly to RUT955?

Can you please ensure that the PLC has default gateway configured and is pointing towards the LAN IP address of RUT955?

Are you pushing a route to the LAN network of RUT955 over OpenVPN? Like so:


Also, check firewall zone settings in Network → Firewall → General and make sure that input/output/forward for openvpn is set to accept:

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Thank You for response.

RUT955 is connected to PLC through industrial switch (not managed ifself).

That is the configuration in the CPU of PLC. As you can see there is gateway IP address which is also my router Ip address (
My push option looks like this:
and the route is seen after putting in cmd: “route print” while OpenVpn is active.

I do not have any more idea what to do about it…

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What device is the OpenVPN client? Have you check if it has the route to RUT955 over OpenVPN?

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I have managed to connect to this PLC. I thought that it might me configuration problem in Teltonika RUT241. Eventually it was caused by lack of or mistaken info in Schneider manuals (PLC is Modicon M262).
It works with communication data nowhere connected to the info from Schneider. But it works.
Thank You for the attention.

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