RUT955 and TRB142: Firmware 0.6.xxxx to 0.7.xxxx Failing, No rs232 service on 0.6.xxxx, Can't flip DTR pin on 0.7.xxxx with avrdude


My old account was deleted and I see that all the old forum questions (including mine) have been removed.

For background, I have several RUT955s and TRB142s.

I’m having trouble with a specific RUT955 (there are no Vs in the model number).
First off, it has the legacy WebUI firmware on it (V 0.6.xxxx) (the latest of the legacy). But the RS232 service is completely missing and I’m not sure why.
Second, when upgrading the firmware to any version above this one, the device locks up. I can still login over ssh but the webui does not work at all.

On another note, we have a device called the AQ that has the arduino bootloader on it. It is connected to either a RUT 955 or a TRB142. We want to be able to flash it with firmware updates over the rs232 port however, to do so requires that the flashing software (avrdude) has control over the DTR pin to reset the device before upload. We have installed avrdude on a TRB142 and a RUT955 and it works when we reset the devices manually - but it should be able to flip the dtr pin as well. We also tried using avrdude on another host machine and tunneling through the rs232 port over ip but avrdude failed to connect and we couldn’t figure it out.

Any help would be much appreciated on both these fronts!


In order to resolve the issue that you are currently experiencing, additional provision of further confidential details is required. Hence, it is recommended that you reach out to your designated sales manager or the reseller from whom you acquired the device in question. They will be able to assist you in addressing this matter more effectively.
The second issue can be diagnosed further after the first issue is addressed.

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