Rut955/956 4G issues

Hi Teltonika,
I got more than 100 rut955/956 combined some of them are having 4g issues which is very frustrating.
could someone check the log and advise what might have cause that router cannot establish 4g connection after auto reboot and ended up going in to boot loop on since yesterday morning?
Many Thanks !

|Firmware version|RUT9_R_00.07.04.5|
|Firmware build date|2023-07-24 12:41:40|
|Internal modem firmware version|EC25EUGAR06A06M4G_01.005.01.005|
|Kernel version|5.4.229|


We would need more information about the issue.Could you provide more specific information about the issue? What is the issue exactly? How many devices are affected? How frequently does it occur, and where are these devices located?

If this issue is affecting multiple devices, it would be helpful if you could specify the SIM cards you are using.

Considering that you have a substantial number of devices (over 100), it’s likely that you have the option to reach out to your sales manager or reseller. If that is the case, I recommend contacting them directly. This way, it will be possible to share information privately and troubleshoot issue more effectively. We also have a ‘contact us’ form here.

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