Rut951 with Raspberry PI 4

Could I ask for a special package that would allow you to connect rassbery pi 4 with rut 951 or 955, I know that your equipment has a limitation, but I have a certain problem, I installed rabbit mq and integrated it with rassbery pi 4 to send messages to azura cloud service bus amqp on the normal mode the home network works without a problem, but when I connected it to route 951, I could only send 20 messages, I tried to put a firewall on Rassbery Pi on port 5671, but it didn’t help, but I can connect to mqtt broker without any problems. Can I ask for a special package to Rassbery? pi 4 or rassbery pi 5 so that the connection between rut 951 or 955 would be problem-free, it would make my work as well as many other people’s work much easier, such a move will definitely be beneficial for all companies, especially since a lot of people use node red and integration between rut 951 as and Rassbery Pi, especially since everything has a Debian system, many PLC companies use Debian also with edge devices

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
some people have even installed Raspberry Pi Node Red on a small version and it would be great if they could have a small package so that everything could communicate without any problems between rut 951 or rut 955

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