RUT951 Ordering Interfaces

Trying to persuade a RUT951 to connect via SIM1 during powerup. Currently boots up as ‘disconnected’ unless there’s a WAN connection. Can then remove WAN and it drops onto SIM link. Is there a page link for Ordering Interfaces? tia

The Knowledge Base suggests that you can drag and drop to re-order the interfaces. Is this on the Failover page?


By default, WAN interface takes priority over SIM connection. This priority (metrics) can be changed by navigating to Network → Interfaces → General and dragging the mob1s1a1 interfaces above the wan and wan6 interfaces:

Additionally, both mobile and WAN interfaces can be used at the same time by configuring the load balancing in Network → Failover menu, by selecting Load Balancing in the top-right corner and enabling the mobile and wan interfaces. We have a video that explains this feature more in-depth here:

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Thanks - all sorted. We use the router as a mobile access point at Sports events for video streaming, so it’s on/off a lot! Worked ok fine for five months then seemed to reorder the interfaces on its own! As you say, drag/drop facility is on the Fallover/Load Balancing page. Set mob1s1a1 to ‘online’ too.

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