RUT951 no internet (Newbie)

Hi All,

I have a RUT951, ran through the configuration wizard, and have connected to the RMS. The 4G reception is strong. The issue I’m having is any device I connect to the RUT951 either via LAN or WiFi does not have internet access - is there some other configuration I must apply to allow this?
I have previously used a RUT240 for the same application with no issues.

Pretty new to this field any help would be greatly appreciated!


If the device has internet connectivity, there should be no need to configure anything else.

Could you please clarify if the device is actually online (green) in RMS?

Does RUT951 has any other internet sources like wired WAN or is it just the SIM card?

Please share a screenshot of the Status → Overview and Status → Network → Mobile pages. Before sharing the screenshots, make sure to hide any sensitive information, such as IMSI, IMEI, ICCID, etc.

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Thanks for your response.

The device is green in RMS when the system is powered up (this is in the field already and the site is currently offline due to works still being completed)

No other sources or failover, and just a single SIM is being used.

Will get a screenshot in the coming day when i’m back at the project.


If it is connected to RMS, then everything should work. Though, I suggest checking the signal in Status → Network → Mobile. You can compare the signal with the recommendations here.

Also, you can try the following:

Navigate to Network → Interfaces → Edit LAN and add additonal DNS servers - and

Navigate to Network → Interfaces → Edit mob1s1a1 → Advanced settings and set a custom MTU. Values to try are 1460, 1360, 1260.

Let me know how it goes.

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