RUT951 intermittent connectivity issues

I’ve recently purchased a RUT951 and installed in to my camper van. But I’m getting intermittent WiFi issues. It’s local to the device itself as running pings range from ~200ms - ~600ms. I’m using an external antenna but the issue still occurs after unplugging it and using the Teltonika provided ones, even when I’m stood right next to the device.

I’m on the latest firmware (RUT9M_R_00.07.04.5) and tried resetting the device to factory. Rebooting the device seems to help but the issue will reappear ~10m - an hour or even more later. It will then disappear after ~5m - 10m.

Any ideas? Do I have a faulty device?


Next time when the issue occurs, could you please share screenshots of the Status → Overview and Status → Network → Mobile pages? Before sharing these, make sure to blur/hide any sensitive information, such as IMSI, ICCID, etc. Also, make sure that the issue is present when you take the screenshots.

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Will do.

But to be clear the issue happens whether the device is connected to the Internet using mobile or WiFi. And it’s local to the device, i.e. pinging the router itself produces response times of 200 - 600ms.


This sounds like an odd issue indeed.

Could you please try performing the bootloader procedure as described here?

If the issue persists, could you please provide some system logs from System → Administration → Troubleshoot → ‘View’ system logs? Before posting them here, make sure to blur/hide any sensitive information, such as public IP addresses, etc.

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