RUT950 - WLAN from my home

Hello together,

I use the Teltonika router in my camper and at home I configured to use the WLAN from my house.

Problem is, I have not only one router at home, It is a router and five access points to extend the WLAN.

Now the RUT950 does use one of the access points. If I park the camper not at his normal parking place he does not connect my WLAN.

Is this normal, must I learn all access points separate to the router?

All APs use the same SSID…

Many thanks in advance.


Hello Bernd

When parked in a different location, the signal strength from your home WLAN might be weaker. Ensure that the RUT950 has a good signal strength from the desired access point. You might need to manually reconnect to the home WLAN in some cases.

Generally all if the APs use same SSID and Password, it should be connecting to the AP regardless
also try the following settings where Once you created the Wi-Fi Client configuration, click pencil icon → Advanced Set

also Ensure that the firmware on your Teltonika RUT950 is up to date. you can find the latest
firmware here

Kindly revert if the issue persists.


Fast roaming I have configured now and installed latest Firmware *.06

Is “client” the right modus? What is the difference between client and “Multi-AP”?

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