RUT950 unit failing

Hi team,

We do love our RUT products, very strong and reliable for the most part. Although we have been hitting some roadblocks recently when we have been installing them in some trailers which have 1000Ah of batteries, all wired up 12v. The RUT950’s are wired up as usual and mounted in DIN rail for neatness and accessibility etc. Everything is secure and wired the same across all the trailers.

I’ve found that so far I’ve taken the trailer to site or from a site and there’s been no connectivity (approximately 6 times now) and i’ve checked, RUT950 is dead, no lights, nothing. Still steady 12v running to them, doesn’t ever fluctuate much. Plug it into 240v with the wall adaptor, still dead. Nothing rattling inside, securely mounted still. Pull out a spare RUT950 and plug it in, powers up and runs no problem. I return it to the distributor and they say “you should run a UPS”… I said, my 1000Ah of batteries is technically that. We monitor the rest of the environment and don’t have any issues with it, no dips or spikes that would cause them to break, … well within the 7-30v range.

It’s not like i’m towing it down a dirt track, these are all metropolitan asphalted roads with minor bumps in them. Considering I’ve got them in vehicles and they’re common in vehicles… seems odd to me.

Wondering if anyone else has this issue?

no dips or spikes
How did you check that ? Do you start / stop large inductive loads ?
I had similar issues with programmable industrial automatons, had to replace all relays with ones equipped with a free wheel diode.
Maybe a surge protector like this one could help you.
You’ll need to add a slow fuse before the device else the battery will be drained if the cartridge burns.
I have used such surge protectors for landlines, antennas and power line I haven’t lost a single end device in 15 years.

Unfortunately I cannot help with anything constructive, but I can offer some consolation in that I have 4 RUT950’s, 1x RUT240 and 1x RUT360. The RUT240 is inside a car and got rattled on a bad road and needed replacing as I found some soldered joints on the antenna which broke loose. 2 out of the 4 RUT950’s were replaced under warranty for strange software related issues. From the 4 RUT950’s, 2 are currently giving problems (not sure if it is the unit or the network provider). The most reliable one so far has been the RUT360 with aluminium housing. I love the Teltonika product, but I am also surprised by the amount of failures I am experiencing in under 4 years.