RUT950 unable to connect mobile data abroad


I’ve tried everything I can think of, and can’t get it to work, hopefully someone here can help me:

I have a Dutch Vodafone simcard. And currently we’re in Denmark.

Signal strength is excellent (-52dB), it connects to the network, operator state is Roaming; but the data connection state says Disconnected.

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version, v7.04.4; still doesn’t work.

And I’ve rebooted as well as tried the “restart connection” feature countless times.

Also I took the simcard into a phone, works immediately there.

Back into the RUT950, doesn’t work.

All the other settings are on their default.

VoLTE is auto
Network type is auto
Band selection is auto
Low signal reconnect is off
Operator settings are off

Any ideas?

Thank you, Matthijs


Please check if the APN is set correctly on the RUT950. APN can be set by navigating to Network → Interfaces → General, edit the mob1s1a1, disable the Auto APN option and in the Custom APN field enter No authentication is needed.
Additionally, make sure the option Deny data roaming is disabled in the Network → Mobile → General.
Let me know if this helps.

Best regards,

Hi, genius!

That solved it.

Feeling rather stupid now to not have checked the APN myself, haha. But also really happy.

Thank you! Matthijs

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