RUT950 + Smarty £20 unlimited sim - No registry despite activation

Hi there,
I’ve been using a Three SIM card for over a year without issue.
On trying a newly activated Smarty sim in the RUT950, I’m getting no registry with the network.
Fiddled with a variety of APN settings (, changing the bands in use (2G+3G) then (4G LTE only) and several others.
Sim tested in Android phone - no problems calling, accessing internet.

Any further thoughts as to why this might be?


Firstly, I’d recommend updating the firmware of your device. Firmware files can be downloaded here: RUT950 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki. Since you are updating from the legacy firmware, please update without the option Keep settings enabled, as such a high firmware version jump can cause configuration issues.
If the issue persists, it seems to be deeper than incorrect APN being chosen, as the device does not even register on the network. Make sure you insert the PIN code, antennas are tightened properly, and the device is in an area with a good signal coverage.
Additionally, it seems like SIM2 slot is selected, so make sure this is the slot that the SIM is inserted into.

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Thank you for the swift reply. I swapped the sim into slot 1, and waited a bit longer…ALL GOOD!
I think it was actually to do with proper activation on the Smarty side. It just took longer than 2 hours (more like 10-12 hours). Sailing freely now! Thanks x

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