RUT950, RUTOS 7.04.5, after login webgui hangs


after upgrade of a configured RUT950 to Version 7.04.5 I can not login to the router anymore via webgui.
After entering the correct credentials (verified by SSH login which works fine), the webgui shows the “Loading…” icon “forever”.
The debug console of the firefox browser shows:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e is undefined
setDeviceInfo xttp://
Y xttp://
commit xttp://
commit xttp://
_withCommit xttp://
commit xttp://
commit xttp://
t xttp://

I’ve tested different web browsers on Windows 10 and Ubuntu - the same.
When deleting the configuration I can successfully login and configure the router, but after completing the configuration, it stops working.

Sorry for the distorted links (xttp instead of http) in the error message, but as a new user apparently you can only have not more than 2 links in a posting.
Full and correct output in the screenshot:

Any ideas?

same happens on my RUT955 with version 07.01.2

@Randy: You can try RUTOS 7.02.7, that works for me regarding the Web-GUI.
But it contains some flaws with wireguard and routing that I currently tackle with crontab and scripts - e.g. removing the faulty routes when they occur or reviving wireguard interfaces by ifdown/ifup, if IP addresses do not get reconfigured after connectivity losses of LTE - the root problem I had hoped to tackle with upgrading to 7.04.5.


This issue is not related to the firmware version, rather when upgrading from legacy firmware to the newer RutOS version, on a rare occasion one of the internal system files gets corrupted. If that happens, in your browser tab name you should see Teltonika Networks - UNKNOWN name, and you will not be able to log into the WebUI. In order to resolve this issue, a remote session will be needed. However, as this is a public forum, we will not be able to arrange the session details. Please contact your sales manager, reseller, or fill out the Contact Us form here: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT and our engineers will help you out.

Best regards,

Hello Daumantas,

it happens not only with legacy firmware (6.X).
I’ve done an upgrade from 7.02.7 and the problem exists.
When downgrading to 7.02.7 the webgui works again.


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