RUT950 only showing FIRMWARE UPDATE screen

Hi my RUT950 is not working any more, the only screen I can get into is after reboot and plugging the ehternet cable is the " FIRMWARE UPDATE" screen.

Any suggestions how can I resolve this issue? Is there any other place I can find what is the problem ?

After uploading the firwmware on above screen not much happens:

  1. LAN leds are sequentially flashing (I presume this means firmware updating )
  2. LAN leds are than flashing after reboot and I am back on firmware update screen

Any ideas suggestions how can I fix it ? Is this a hardware fault ?


This is the bootloader Web interface, a good question is how are you always in it. It could be that the reset button is constantly pressed down and that’s why you’re seeing this screen.

Even after you try and flash the firmware you get taken to this screen?

Could you check if the reset button is shorted or not?

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