RUT950 not connecting to internet

I have had to factory reset our RUT950 router - the wifi indicators and SIM connection data all seem fine but there is no internet access possible on any of our devices.
I have verified the APN data for the SIM cards.
Any suggestions for what the issue might be?


Could you please clarify status of the mobile connection in Status → Network → Mobile? What is the state of the operator, and is data connection state connected?

Are you on the latest firmware? If mobile data is connected and you are on the v7.4+ firmware, could you please try lowering MTU on the mobile interface? To do this, navigate to Network → Interfaces → Edit mob1s1a1 → Advanced settings. There, you should be able to set a custom MTU. Try using 1460, 1360, 1260.

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Andzej, many thanks.
Software is 7.04.1
I did as you suggested and it has seemed to work on one of our SIMs - ie we are connecting to the internet, so many thanks.

For interest what is the MTU number and why is it significant?

For the SIM that is not working can I try anything else?

Many thanks. Neil


The MTU varies depending on your mobile operator and network. Therefore, you might need to set a lower MTU for the second SIM card. I recommend trying an even lower MTU to check if you can access the internet using the second SIM.

Keep in mind that if the second SIM is in slot 2, you can adjust the MTU for that SIM by editing the 'mob1s2a1 ’ interface, as it corresponds to the SIM in slot 2.

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