RUT950 loses date and time during reboot


On my RUT950, which is currently failing to connect to internet, the date and time is reset to January first 2023 when being rebooted.

To set it correctly again, I go to services, NTP, general and then use the sync with browser option.

Is this normal? Is there no RTC in there?

Normally the date and time is not so important to me, but now while troubleshooting the failing data connection, it would be very nice if the logs are logged with proper time and date. Same for text messages.

And I have a auto reboot function, same thing: if ever things go wrong, and device reboots, its much better that date and time are preserved.

Thank you


None of our devices contain RTC, however, you could specify an NTP server to be a device within your LAN network. Time can also be synchronized from the carrier cell towers, or on other devices, via the onboard GPS.

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Ok clear. Thank you for the quick response!

Next is to find out why it doesn’t connect to the mobile network. But I’ll make a new topic for that.

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