RUT950 HotSpot setup


I’ve purchased a second hand RUT950 unit and I’ve been trying to set up the network.

I seem to be coming across problems probably my own fault!

I want the WiFi network to be open and for users to visit a terms to agree in order to access the internet.

I’ve downloaded a package to setup the hotspot but then it tells me I need to turn off the wireless network in the settings which then means I can’t connect, assume I need to wire up?

I tried again yesterday and now the network is password protected but the password isn’t what I set so assume I’m going to have to reset the device.

Can anyone advise how to set this device up as I need it for someone who’s not used to this


Welcome to the Teltonika Community :smiley:

Regarding your query,

There might be some preset configuartion that might be in the device that is casuing the confusion, Kindly either reset the device or update it to the latest firmware
making sure the Keep Setting is turned off and try to create a new Hotspot
with reference to our guide

Please revert to us in case the issue persists


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