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A friend of mine gave me one of your routers (RUT950). Going through the quick start guide it says that i need to login the WebUI. Only issue is i don’t have the password for this, since my friend was prompted the change it (he doesn’t remember the password any more. “admin01” doesn’t work.

How can i reset/change the password? And did i understand correctly, that the router won’t work before loggin in to the WebUI?



For this one, unless the router is added to an RMS account, you will need to factory reset the router to bring it back to its default settings (including the default password).

To factory reset the device:

  1. Turn on the device and complete its booting sequence.
  2. Hold the reset button until the Signal Level LEDs reach the max level then release the reset button.
  3. The device will automatically reboot once the process is done. At the same time, you should be able to login to its WebUI by its default credentials.

Reference: RUT950 Device Recovery Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Note that doing this will erase all the configuration on your device. If the configuration is crucial in a live environment, I would recommend having a test device first just to accommodate the device connected to it.

If the router has an internet source (Wired, Wireless, or Mobile) the router will work just find even without logging in to its WebUI.

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