RUT950 auto-reboot issue

I have RUT950 running of firmware 00.07.00 which are auto-rebooting even if the auto reboot functionality is disabled. Periodic auto reboot functionality at particular time of the day was enabled earlier and then disabled as this functionality was no longer required.

Also sometimes the router does not connect to 4G after auto reboot and another reboot needs to be triggered by SMS utility.


First of all, could you please clarify why you are using this firware version? Would it be possible for you to update the device to the latest firmware version with ‘keep settings’ option disabled?

It is difficult to say why the device reboots without any logs. The firmware is also relatively old. Thus, update the device first if possible. If the issue persists, please, provide some system logs. Those can be found in System → Administration → Troubleshoot by pressing ‘view’ button. Before posting logs here, please, hide any sensitive information that may be present in the logs, such as public IP addresses, serial numbers, etc.

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This firmware version was loaded during the last the update performed a while back. We will upgrade with new firmware RUT9_R_00.07.04.5 in the next couple of days and let you know feedback.
Any reported issues with this version?

Would keep settings options disabled reset all router settings to default including SSID/WPA, user access etc?


Yes. The configurations will be restored to the default ones, including SSID, passwords, etc. It is highly recommended to update with ‘keep settings’ disabled because the difference between your current firmware and the latest one is significant. As a result, there can be issues with migration of your configurations.

There were many changes, fixes and improvements in the newer firmware versions. You can download the latest firmware and see the full changelog on our wiki page here.

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