RUT950 as WiFi client with different subnet

Hi community,

I have problem with settings my RUT950 (old WebUI) as wifi client with connecting on home site and create and different net with internet connecting.
I have changed picture with example with second net IP

I have tried connect as bridge mode and it is OK.
Thank you for advice.


Are you referring to this topology?

If yes, then it can easily be done by configuring the second RUT.

  • Access the WebUI
  • Go to Network → Wireless
  • Click on Scan on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • From there, choose the first RUT WiFi that will be used as WAN

After configuring, the second RUT should get a WAN IP from the first RUT.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for fast answer.
I tried paint actual situacion. In this actual situacion isn´t internet function. Where can be wrong setting? WIFI STA client is like WAN.

I have older hw RUT950 with last FW (R_00.06.09.5)


It should be enough to connect to the AP in client mode on WAN and it will use the 172.10.20/0/24 network on the WAN (WiFi client) side, while the LAN will remain on

If you have configured WiFi bridge before, it is possible that there are some previous configurations that are causing issues. I would suggest restoring the device to factory defaults first.

The firmware you have is quite old. I suggest you take a look at this forum post here that shows how to configure WiFi WAN on older firmware.

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