RUT906 GPS data to MQTT

I am trying to get the GPS data from the teltonika via Modbus. However, there are no coordinates. When I do a request configuration test I get; Request successful, result: [0.000000]

What’s going wrong here? Below is the request config.

Data type = 32bit float, Byte order 1,2,3,4
Function = Read holding registers (3)
First register number = 144
Register count / Values = 2

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Have you checked if your device’s GPS connection is working? If the GPS signal isn’t established, you might see a response like 0.0000 for coordinates. Can you see your current location on the map under the GPS section? Also, you can find out how many satellites are visible by using the CLI/SSH command gpsctl -p.

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You are right there is no GPS signal. I did connect the antenna. What can I do to renew the GPS signal?


The signal should refresh itself when enough satellites are visible to the receiver. To ensure this, point the GPS antenna towards the sky without any obstructions in the way.

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