RUT901 - SMS to email


RUT901 running latest firmware - RUT9M_R_00.07.04.5

Using SMS to email feature. It breaks long SMS messages into multiple emails when sending. However, when viewing the stored SMS message on the RUT901 SMS Message page the message is just one complete message as would be expected.


This is the same issue as here.

As mentioned in that topic, the issue should be fixed with v7.5 firmware.

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That’s great news. Any idea when V7.5 might be released, or any access to a beta version?

Do you know if downgrading to an older version would fix this?



There wont be any access to the beta version. If everything goes well, the v7.5 firmware should be released in the upcoming months.

I am not sure from what firmware version this issue was present. Thus, you can try downgrading and see if the issue persists. Though, I would suggest waiting for the v7.5 release.

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I tested a few versions. SMS issue present in all, although in early versions the issue presented slightly differently.

Tested on versions:

07.03.1 - initial release
07.04.4 - version no longer available from website
07.04.5 - latest release

One further query. Is it possible to include the senders phone number in the email subject line (I know it can be included in the email body)? Maybe with the use of a string like &sender or something?


In this case, I suggest waiting for the v7.5 release where the issue is resolved.

Regarding putting the phone number into the subject field. This is currently not available. This option was added to the list of suggestions. However, I am not sure if this will be implemented in the future.

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