RUT901 OpenVPN config file download from RUT901

I was wondering that how can I create an OpenVPN config file in the Teltonika RUT901 modem? The goal is to have an OpenVPN server in the RUT901. So I could download the OpenVPN config file to my computer and upload it to the OpenVPN Connect software.

We have public IP from our service provider and I’ve created manually an APN profile, which has the APN name, that our service provider provided to us.

We had a similar OpenVPN server in the TP-Link Archer MR200, but the TP-Link modem has started working quite poorly. Can I do a similar OpenVPN server in RUT901 VPN settings that I can download the OpenVPN config file to OpenVPN connect software? So that we can connect remotely to all the devices, which are connected to the Teltonika RUT901.


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OpenVPN configuration is well described in this link.

To acquire the OpenVPN config file, open Notepad and paste the content of this text.

Then, certain information such as CA certificates, Client keys, and Client certificates should be pasted on the provided Notepad text. Then, save the notepad with .ovpn extension. This file will be uploaded to the OpenVPN Connect Software. More information HERE.

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Thanks for the support! Can I download the same OpenVPN “opvn file” to the Teltonika OpenVPN server configuration? (Or is it just for client configuration) Which is used for the OpenVPN connect software. Or do I need to manually apply the servers settings? Like add a public IP to the server or something.

I did do the APN profile for SIM1, but I’m not at the “side production site” atm. So I will get the 4G SIM card from the TP-Link just then.

If I’m not incorrect, I should still apply the server settings to Teltonika RUT901 OpenVPN server settings. So that I can use all the PLC’s etc. remotely which are going to be connected to the Teltonika RUT901 at the side production site. Otherwise the Teltonika OpenVPN services would be off if the server isn’t configured.

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You are right! The steps that I provided above are for OpenVPN Client configuration. You have to manually configure OpenVPN server. This link might be helpful for your OpenVPN configuration.


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