RUT36X_R_00.07.04.3 openvpn


With a pc connected to the internet, I would like to join the lan network of a rut360.
I have installed Openvpn server on the rut. The staut is active.
Here is the router conf:

Enable : on
Enable OpenVPN config from file : off
TUN/TAP : TUN (tunnel)
Protocol : UDP
*Port :1194 *
LZO : None
Authentication : TLS
Encryption : AES-256-GCM 256
TLS cipher : All
Client to client : Off
Keep alive : 10 120
Virtual network IP address :
Virtual network netmask :
Push option :
Allow duplicate certificates : off
Authentication algorithm : SHA1
Additional HMAC authentication : None
Use PKCS #12 format : off
Certificate files from device : off
Certificate authority : ca.crt (1.2 KB)
Server certificate : server.crt (4.6 KB)
Server key : server.key (1.7 KB)
Diffie Hellman parameters

On the RUT, how do I create a user with a password?
On my computer, I need to import an ovpn file.
How do I generate this file?

Thank you


In your case, I would suggest looking at our OpenVPN configuration examples here and here. The first one shows how to configure an OpenVPN client on a Windows machine. The second article provides more information on the OpenVPN configurations.

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