RUT360 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections?


How many concurrent Wi-Fi users does the RUT360 support?

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The number of possible connections is influenced by various factors including the surrounding environment, data transmission size, and the nature of connected devices. If every device connected is doing things like watching videos, downloading files, or browsing a lot, the number of client devices will go down. This is because there’s only so much data the router can handle at once. Also, things like walls, other Wi-Fi networks nearby, and how far a device is from the router can affect the connection.

For example, the RUT240, a less powerful model, can handle up to 50 devices. But because the RUT360 is more powerful, it might be able to have WiFi associations with up to 80-100 devices. However, if many users are actually using data, this number will be lower. I would not suggest connecting more than 20-25 clients (preferably less), so that the users can have somewhat decent experience. But again, this depends on many factors and your requirements.

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