Rut360 poe lan1

I have a RUT360 that will not power up on Passive POE although I found the following link leading me to believe it should. I have been using RUT240 and it said the RUT360 replaces it.


Thank you for noticing the mistake!
RUT360 indeed does not support passive PoE, and it’s powering options page was updated earlier, but it seems like your linked page was missed. I’ve fixed it now.
RUT240 direct replacement is RUT241 or RUT200, not RUT360:

However, the main difference between these is the Cat 6 modem in the RUT360, which should provide better speeds when compared with the Cat 4 modem found in the RUT200 or the RUT241.
It should be noted, that if you’d like Cat 6 speeds in the RUT240 form factor, we have recently release RUT260, which combines best of both worlds:

All of the suggested devices support passive PoE over the LAN1 port.

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