RUT241 wifi client isolation setting status

Problem: Settings UI shows client isolation is off, but it is in fact on.

Since upgrading to FW RUT2M_R_00.07.04.5 the wifi clients are isolated, even tho the UI setting shows off.

Have to toggle the setting once on->off and apply, then isolation is really off.

So maybe a bug after FW update or this version?



I was unable to replicate this. The client communication was not isolated.

Perhaps you updated the firmware with ‘keep settings’ enabled and it caused this issue? Usually, if there is a major differences between your current firmware version and the one that you are planning to update the device to, then it is recommended to disable the ‘keep settings’ option.

If you know a way to replicate this issue, please, let me know the process.

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Update was done with “keep settings” because we cannot lose remote connections during/after update.

Thanks for the answer.

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