RUT241 WIFI breaks on heavier load

Hi all,

I was told to come here and report my problem here, so I do …

I got a new RUT241 in our campervan after my RUT240 obviously broke, but it seems like whenever there is a bit more load on the wifi, it breaks and makes it unusable.
For example if my daughter plays Nintendo Switch and we watch Netflix or Prime at the same time, it doesnt take 5 minutes for the wifi to break down. The router isnt accessible at all anymore. When using a wired connection on my notebook at the same time, evrything continues as normal. Its only the wifi breaking down.
Already tried updating to latest firmware RUT2M_R_00.07.04.5 but doesnt really change anything.

what shall I do ?

best regards, Oliver

I can easily reproduce this when running a … this almost immediately breaks the WIFI on the RUT241


Would it be possible for you to reproduce the issue, and then from the WebUI, navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and ‘view’ system logs? Please, hide any sensitive information, such as IP addresses, serial numbers, etc. Then, post the logs generated around the time of disconnection here.

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I am really sorry, but the router is in our caravan, and we are not anymore (unfortunately …).
Cannot really reproduce it until we are next time.

I actually had downloaded 2 troubleshooting files when I was there, but I am not sure if any of them shows anything … Can I send them privately ?

regards, Oliver


Unfortunately, due to the public nature of this forum, there is no way to share files privately. It is strongly advised to not share troubleshooting files publicly.

I would like you to test WiFi connectivity using difference WiFi devices connected one at the time. This will help us to see if the issue is related to a specific device.

Also, when the issue occurs, I would like you to navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot → ‘View’ system logs and post some logs around the time when the issue occured. Before posting those here, make sure you hide any sensitive information, such as IP addresses, serial numbers, etc.

Kind Regards,

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