RUT241 Wi-Fi problem


we have a problem with your Teltonika RUT241 routers. After some time Wi-Fi simply stop to work. At section Network → Wireless it said: Interface status: Running 0%.

Sometimes it helps when we reboot a device, sometimes not.

On some devices we have firmware RUT2M_R_00.07.04.3, on some RUT2M_R_00.07.04.5

All together there is a 60 pcs of these devices with absolutely same problem and that is a huge problem for us.

Any suggestions, urgent?


Can you check first if the WiFi SSID is showing on your available WiFi networks? Since you need to connect a device to the access point first for it to display the signal strength in the WebUI.

As you see below, I have a RUT241 where it has the same output as yours

But it still showing on the available Wifi networks on my phone

After connecting to that Access point, it now displays the signal strenght of the access point and is working fine.

Hello michaelis,

Thanks for reply.

Sometimes SSID is not visible. Sometimes I can see WiFi SSID on my available WiFi networks, but router refuse to connect devices.

One factor that’s causing your issue is the WiFi noises in the area itself. You can download a WiFi analyzer mobile app to check the channel from different wireless networks. From there, you can adjust and lock the channel for the WiFi AP of your RUT241.

As mentioned above, it will keep showing 0% until a client is connected to the AP of the device.
On the client device side, try to refresh the wifi settings (turning it off and on)

Hope that helps.

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