RUT241, uhttpd default configuration on 07.06.3


We use RUT241 as a platform for our product. Alongside Teltonika’s Web UI, we have our own page running on uhttpd on a different port for local configuration.

We use php scripts on this configuration interface but after updating from RUTOS 07.05.4 to 07.06.3 the php execution stopped working. It seems that the /etc/init.d/uhttpd is different in these versions. I manually added the following lines to the end of the start_instance() function before procd_close_instance line:

local interpreter
config_get interpreter "$cfg" interpreter
for path in $interpreter; do
	procd_append_param command -i "$path"

This seems to solve the problem and the php interpreter is now working correctly. These lines are basically just copy-pasted from the /etc/init.d/uhttpd from RUTOS 07.05.4.

Is there a reason these lines were removed from 07.06.3 and will you add these back in a future update?

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