RUT241 to create two internal LAN

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I have a router ROU241 two connect two internal Lan. I have a two internal Lan, 10.4.x.x and 10.5.x.x, and only have a one IP connection.

The first LAN 10.4.x.x it’s ok because the IP of the router is but the second LAN i don’t know how i should do this.

I need to create two LAN in the router to connect with one VPN.

Please can you help me.

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Firstly, update the device to the latest v7.05 firmware. Firmware for RUT241 can be downloaded from here and uploaded in System → Firmware.

Secondly, could you please clarify if you want to have TAGGED VLANs on a single LAN port, or you want to use two ports - LAN and WAN for two different networks, i.e port 1 for 10.4.x.x and port 2 for 10.5.x.x?

If you want to use 2 ports for two LANs (and use mobile SIM for internet access), then, navigate to Network → Interfaces → WAN. Edit WAN interface → navigate to physical settings and remove eth0.2 from interfaces (put --no interface–). Repeat the same procedure to remove the interface from WAN6 interface.

After that, navigate to Network → LAN and create a new interface. Configure it with an IP address of the second network (for example, and enable DHCP server. In Physical settings, add eth0.2 as the interface. In firewall settings for this interface, add it to LAN zone.

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Hi Andzej,

I have updated the device yesterday:

I clarify my situation. I use the WAN to connect the router to Ethernet, because I have a Ethernet supply with a company and the wan of the router is connected to the antenna. I don’t use a SIM only the Ethernet connection of the WAN.

I need two LAN in the por of the LAN, only.

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Then you will have to use port-based TAGGED VLANs on port 1. Keep in mind that with the tagged VLANs, the end devices themselves need to be configured with VLAN tags. Information and guidance on VLAN configurations is available here and here.

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