RUT241 Sms Modbus TCP


I use a PLC (AB Micro820) and RUT241 and send sms via ModbusTCP.
Using Modbus TCP Send Sms and Add Sms, this works fine.

Now I want to split the message in two lines, line 1 and line 2.
I used \n in the string (Add Sms), but this doesn’t work, it just show the message on one line with \n in the middle.

Does someone know if it is possible and what characters to use? Thank you.


Thank you for reaching out. Please write each message in a single line. Please see the below photo demonstrating how messages should be written individually in a line.


Thank you for your message.

The webUI works fine, but I am using ModbusTCP to send a Sms.

My question is what characters do I need to use in the string, which I send via ModbusTCP to Register 397?

I tried to put “\r\n” or “\n” in the string. But that doesn’t work and the chars show up in the Sms message.
But it doesn’t add a new line.

Thank you,


You can use ‘%0A ’ for new line


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