RUT241 Remote monitoring capabilities

I’m looking for a way to have a regular report of devices active on the network behind a RUT241.
My first idea was to send log of DHCP to a remote syslog: I found no syslog capability, I’m not even sure I can get a list of DHCP clients.
Any idea?


You can get the list of DHCP clients in this file /tmp/dhcp.leases but sending it to a remote syslog server would require a scripting.


# Specify the path to your .txt file

# Read the content of the .txt file
file_content=$(cat "$file_path")

# Send the content to the syslog server using the logger command
logger "$file_content"

# Optionally, you can add a custom tag and specify the syslog facility like this:
# logger -t "DHCP leases" -p user.notice "$file_content"

echo "File content sent to syslog server."

Mainly this script will just print the contents of dhcp.leases on your syslog :slight_smile:

I hope it helps

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Thank you!

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