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Looking at purchasing a 4G device to send Realtime CCTV images and intruder information for a remote building via DDNS etc. Was recommended RUT24006B000. But seems RUT41 is currently shipping.

I see the 41 has two Ethernet ports, LAN and WAN. Can the WAN be repurposed to be a 2nd LAN, as i need two ports - one for CCTV images and the other for remote access intruder?

Do they do any unit that has the above and will also call a user, in the event an input is operated. As i am looking at using a simple communicator to call and send a text in the event of an alarm and it would be great if one of these units could do both functions, and event better if it had at least three inputs that i could assign to three differnt text messages.

I know am being greedy now: -)




RUT241 Equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports, RUT241 offers unstoppable connection continuity with automatic WAN failover. Industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interfaces, and compatibility with RMS make this device an excellent fit in numerous IoT and M2M solutions.

RUT241 device has the option to use WAN port as 2nd lAN port,
to configure WAN port as LAN there is 2 alternative ways,

  1. Basic WebUI Mode
  2. Advance WebUi Mode

Please find the link below which have explained in a form of a configuration example, which is easy to understand.

Regarding your second requirement, RUT241 does have a feature called I/O Juggler, this feature provides the possibility to create automated rules that perform certain actions based on Input state changes and other conditions. The operating sequence of the I/O Juggler can be visualized as such.

I/O juggler does not have a call option action, only SMS option is present.

To configure this navigate to Service→ Input/Output →I/O Juggler.

For more information please visit RUT241 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki

When an Input Trigger occurs, the Input check to see if user-specified conditions are also met. If so, it executes a user-specified action.

In addition to that RUT241 device is capable of communication through calls or sending SMS alerts. RUT241 device configure have various SMS and Call related device control options and to read, send and manage SMS messages.

The SMS Utilities section contains a list of rules that perform certain actions when they are activated by SMS messages.

To configure navigate to Service→ Mobile Utilities→ SMS Utilities

Just like SMS Utilities, Call Utilities provide you with the possibility to issue certain commands to the router from your mobile phone. The list of possible rules is of course shorter because you can only make one type of call. Keep that in mind when creating Call utility rules because one call will trigger all of the enabled rules at once.

To configure navigate to Service→ Mobile Utilities→ Call Utilities

This option specifies the action to be performed on incoming calls. Call utility rules will keep getting executed while the call is active.
For more information on mobile utilities please visit RUT241 Mobile Utilities - Teltonika Networks Wiki

On your third requirement of at least three inputs, unfortunately, RUT241 has only 1 input located on the Power socket.

for more inputs/outputs we have device called RUT955 & RUT956 which contains 6 I/O’s & 8 I/O’s respectively.

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