RUT241 no internet access from WAN port for failover

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I have a RUT241 running RUT2M_R_00.07.04.5 firmware.
I am using this router on a remote site with 4G, works fine.
I have configured failover using another router which is also 4G, patched it into the RUT241 WAN port. However when disable the RUT241 4G, failover initiates but not internet access.
I plug the same LAN cable into a PC and it has internet. Something within the RUT241 is not allowing the WAN port to allow access to internet.
can someone help?
Sorry I am not an I.T pro so hopefully an easy solution.



When you connect RUT241 to the other router via ethernet cable, could you please access RUT241, navigate to Network → Interfaces, and check the IP addresses on both, the LAN and WAN interfaces? If both of those start with 192.168.1.x, then edit the LAN interface and change the IP address to some other adddress. For example, (make sure the IP address on LAN starts with 192.168.x.x).

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Hello, I have configured the settings as suggested. But still no internet via the wan port. I have uploaded some images, it shows all interfaces online. When viewing the failover page the status for the wan shows offline still.
Any other suggestions to fix this? I thought this would be plug and play.
thank you.

One more image.


You have failover configured with mobile connection as the main one. Could you try removing the SIM card from the router (simulate failure) and see if you have internet connection over the wired WAN?

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Thank you all for responses, I have got it working.
I left all wired connections in place and SIM card, I then restored back to factory default and started again.
Everything worked immediately.

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