RUT241 - names of days is wrong

in rut241 last firmware.

in Status > Realtime Data > Mobile usage
the names of days is wrong.
not by order of the days week, not by the current day.


Have you tried setting up the Date and time according to your location.
from System>Administration>Date and Time

Set this up and let us know if it solves your issue

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set correctly and did not resolve the issue.

Could you send us a screenshot when the monitoring is set by day

Going through some of the local machines that has been up for a considerable amount of time, it is confirmed that the feature works without flaws here

Could you try re-flashing the firmware and check if it solves, make sure to set the time and date correctly

Let us know

My RUTX50, latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.06.1) seems wrong too!

Today, the 11th Jan 2024 is a Thursday!

May not be relevant, but text messages received are listed in an odd way too. I would expect them to be listed most recent first and in order by date.

no time in graph of day, invalid date

in graph of month, invalid date

After updating RUTX50 firmware to status > realtime data > mobile usage graphs are all wrong and on all pages, day, week, month and total. Data on some days missing and or in wrong order. “Invalid Date” values across all graphs on all pages.

Hello @akwe-xavante ,

Our RnD team has identified the issue you’re facing. It occurs when you’re using a locale that uses the following date format:


But the WebUI expects a date format of DD-MM, thus after the 12th day, the date is no longer valid and the error is shown. This issue should be fixed with one of the hotfix releases of RutOS 07.06.x.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

Best regards,

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