RUT241 mobile connection after IP change


Our RUT241 is configured with the mobile connection in bridge mode. When the system connected to the RUT241 requests a DHCP lease, it nicely gets the public IP assigned to the RUT241. This worked fine with firmware 7.04.3 (2023/05/11).
When the public IP changes (one time very day), the DHCP lease gets refreshed and the new IP is assigned, as you would expect.

After upgrading to 7.04.5 and now on 7.05 the behavior has changed. When the public IP changes, the new lease is given out and the new public IP is assigned to client. However, no traffic is possible. Restarting the clients network interface makes no difference, it is still assigned the new IP, but no traffic. After restarting the mobile connection on the RUT241, everything starts working again, until the next IP change.

Are we running into a bug? Do we need to change any settings in order for the old behavior to return?



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