RUT241 Mesh not detecting devices after power outage

In one of my projects, we have installed 3 RUT 241s which are not physically connected. Each RUT241 has 5 devices connected to it via LAN. These RUTs are interconnected to each other via Teltonika Mesh. Recently we have encountered a problem. Sometimes there is a power outage at the locations, when something like this happens, the 2RUTs without the sim card do not detect/do not provide internet to the devices. The main RUT (with a SIM card) works perfectly fine along with its connected devices. It also shows having 2 clients in Mesh but the devices of the other 2 RUTs are just not detected.

I suspect the problem is the devices are powered on before the RUT(It is unavoidable) hence it does not detect them. However, this is just a guess. I would appreciate your help on this.

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