RUT241 - LAN endless connexion config

I use RUT241 in order to connect the solar panel driver AP Systems Module ECU-R to internet in order to upload daily datas. ECU-R is connected to LAN connector.
Everything was fine at the beginning until the ECU-R lost the connexion one day.
I looked at the connexion log in the RUT241 and I remarked that the connexion is always changing its configuration. There are hundred of logs. Every minutes, RUT241 is testing the direction of communication. This is my interpretation, as I’m newbie.
I can share the log file.
Thank you in adance
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Could you please clarify what you mean by saying ‘connexion is always changing its configuration’? Would it be possible for you to attach some of the logs? First, replicate the issue, then navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and ‘view’ system logs. Hide/blur any sentisitive information, such as public IP addresses, before sharing it here.

I would like you to also attach a screenshot from Status → Overview and Status → Network → Mobile pages. Again, hide IMEI, IMSI, ICCID, etc.

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I attached printscreen to this post to explain what’s happening

I can also upload a file named
if needed.

The Switch Events are repeated continuesly and there are more than 400 logs.

WAN port is configured as LAN and my ECU-R module is connected on it.
LAN port is used to connect my PC when needed.

Thank you for your help.
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Unfortunately, there is no way for us to exchange information or files privately. Thus, I will not be able to take a proper look at the troubleshoot file.

The SINR on the mobile interface is not good (0). It seems that there is a lot of interference. You can find more information about the signal recommendations here. However, the logs indicate an issue with a WAN port rather than the mobile connection. Please, try the following:

  • Try swapping the ethernet cable do a different one.

  • Swap the ports by moving the cable currently plugged into a LAN port to a WAN port, and the cable from WAN should be connected to a LAN port. After making this change, check if the issue happens again. If it does, please specify which device is affected. Is it the one connected to the LAN port or the one connected to the WAN port? Additionally, provide any relevant log information.

  • If possible, try introducing a simply switch on the WAN link between the end device and the RUT241. What are the results?

  • Try restoring the device to factory defaults in System → Backup or reflash the whole firmware by following the bootloader procedure described here. Also, make sure that you do not have a failover configured.

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