RUT241 io juggler logging?

I have installed RUT241 on a heating plant. The 4G connection is used for ip cameras, and SMS to alert if there is failure in the heating system itself. Alert signal is NO wires and they are shorted during alarm, and relay is used to feed then +9V to Teltonikas input.

The problem is, most of the time the SMS works ok. IO juggler detects low → high level and sends SMS.

Once or twice a year the heating plant stops (of course when it is -30c outside) and no SMS is sent.

I haven’t found any logging options for input/SMS events in RUT241 log. Is there any? Maybe with a package? It should help to track the problem to see if the input has been triggered at all, or is it just that SMS is not sent.

Second question is how RUT241 behaves when it can’t send SMS at that particular moment? Does it try again a bit later? What happens if there is power outage → heating plant goes off and alarms → Teltonika starts and input is high level? Does it send SMS or does it wait for the state to change?

Answering to myself as I managed to find something out. Seems that in normal events log there is no lines for iojuggler events, but they can be found in system → troubleshoot → system log → show.

This helps now a lot more. However there is no line for input state change from low to high level or vice versa, just:

Mon Nov 13 14:40:25 2023 iojuggler: executing action id=1

Still answering to myself as I have studied a bit more again.

It seems that logging with RUT241 with new firmware is better. There is actually now a line in the events log written “sent 1 PDUs to +358401234567”.

But, I noticed too that I/O Juggler does care only if input level changes when router is powered and running. If there happens a power outage and heating plant is stopped, it sends +9V in input, but because of the outage, RUT241 is rebooting, and does not see input level changed, because it stays steady high when RUT241 is starting and running.

Is there any way to prevent this other than UPS? It can happen also if RUT241 reboots itself because of ping reboot or periodic reboot.

Maybe a startup script to check if the input is high level and then send an SMS?

I seem to be only one taking part in this discussion :slight_smile:

Anyway, found a solution and I like to share it if anyone else has the same problem. A simple startup script to check the input and if it is high level, it sends SMS and writes a line in the log.

Put your custom commands here that should be executed once

the system init finished. By default this file does nothing.

iostate1=“$(ubus call ioman.gpio.din1 status | grep “value” | cut -c 12)”

if [ “$iostate1” == “1” ]; then

gsmctl -S -s “0401234567 Modem rebooted, input level high”

/usr/bin/logger “Alarm-SMS has been sent”


exit 0

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