RUT241 - Firewall setting V07.06

Hello, I’m a new user of these routers. I have no experience with firewall settings.
I would like to set the firewall so that only the router and the device with can reach Internet servers via mobile communications. Other devices on the LAN should not use mobile communications. Access from the Internet is not required.
The router has the IP address
A device on the LAN has the IP address

Hello Thomas

Welcome to the Teltonika Community :smiley:

Regarding youre query, you want to

  • block the WAN access of all BUT .2.2 device

  • allow WAN access to 2.2 device

This can be achievable , here is a demo setup for your case
Proceed to the Web-ui and go to Network>Firewall>Traffic Rules

and configure accordingly

and for the second part of allowing 2.2 to reach WAN
make another rule where

and configure accordingly

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