RUT241 Factory Reset

I have just purchased a used RUT241. I set it up, got the mobile working aswell as the wifi and everything was fine. Because it was used I thought I should factory reset the router just to be safe. After pressing the reset button all the router does is flash the signal leds. I can’t connect to the router through the lan and no wifi is being broadcast. I managed to connect through a static IP and tried to update the firmware which seemed to go ok but I still can’t connect. The power led is lit and the signal strength leds are all flashing, it’s connected via ethernet to a computer but the lan led isn’t lit. I’m at a loss as what to do.



If router is still inaccessible after factory reset, then I suggest for you to proceed with bootloader. Detailed steps on how to do bootloader is specified in this link.

Let me know the results.


Hi Janmiguel,

I’ve managed to access the bootloader menu. I’ve updated the firmware and nothing has changed, all the signal strength LEDs are still blinking. I can access but can’t find any file to load onto the device. Is the firmware update different to the uboot update?


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