RUT241 doesn´t connect to one LTE B3 cell

I installed some RUT241 at a german airport. The router is not able to connect to the LTE network in one part of the building but the network is available.

Firmware: 7.05.4


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It seems that the router is not getting signal in the area which is leading to disconnection, Kindly i advice to make sure that the mobile antenna are inserted onto the router for getting a better signal.

This could be because the device is too far away from the LTE transmitter. It’s also possible that something, such as a building or other blockage between the device and the tower, is interfering with the signal.

I’d rather be informed about the signal suggested via the link below:


Hello, I set my mobile phone to LTE an it has a very good signal at this position. We use an external antenna. This setup is used for hundreds of time recording devices of our customers.

Hello @as-electronics,

I hope this message finds you well. In addressing the connectivity issue with your RUT241 device, I recommend performing the following steps:

  1. Firmware Upgrade: Ensure that your device is running the latest firmware. Upgrading to the latest version can often resolve compatibility and performance issues.
  2. Antenna Connection: Verify that both the Main Antenna and Aux Antenna of the RUT241 are securely connected. Proper antenna connection is crucial for optimal signal reception.
  3. SIM Card Testing: Test the SIM card by inserting it into the RUT241. This will help verify whether the issue is with the device or the SIM card itself.

It’s important to note that direct comparisons between your mobile phone and the RUT241 may yield varied results due to factors such as supported bands, LTE module differences, and other device-specific considerations.



Hello Jerome.

  1. The firmware ist up to date.
  2. The external antenna ist connected to the right connector.
  3. The SIM card is ok because the router works in other parts of the airport without problems.

Do you need log files?

Best regards

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