RUT241 - DDNS config for OVH provider


I need your help to configure DDNS plugin on my RUT241.
My provider is OVH, i tried to use OVH in provider sélection,

But it is not working

I also tried to use custom config like OVH says in this section : OVH

In web navigator it is working.

But not in RUT with Custom URL :[IP]

Last update stay Never…

And i have a good Public IP, not a shared IP

Thanks You

Nobody to help me ?


I apologize for the late response. Referring to your DDNS configuration, please try to change the IP address source to the Public option. The following is DDNS configuration on the RutOS 7.6.3:

If the issue is not solved, please try to reset the RUT241 and re-configure the DDNS configuration.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alam N.

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Thanks for your help.

At finish i only succes with custom URL with manualy information excepte ip :slight_smile:[IP]

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