RUT241 Configuration backup cannot be uploaded into another router

Hello everyone,

I am having serious problems with the RUT241 router. I have a RUT241 router that is already installed and configured, and now I want to install another RUT241, with basically the same configuration.
I have followed the instructions provided by Teltonika, I updated the firmware on the installed router, so that it matches the new one, I have created a back up file from the installed one and when I try to upload it into the new router I receive an error message, saying INVALID BACKUP.

Check for yourself. The two devices are almost identical, but it does not seem to work.
Thank you for your help!

Hi, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but if I recall correctly it’s because the product code is different:

  • Old device is RUT24101XXXX
  • New device is RUT24100XXXX

There’s a relevant statement on the wiki page:

“…after you create a new backup file, you can use it to restore the configuration of the current device or upload it to other identical devices…”

There are some ways to extract the desired config using command line (i.e. if there are many firewall rules our specific service configuration) by taking a look at config file or using UCI commands, but you might want to simply setup the new device from scratch if necessary configuration changes are minimal, just to keep things clean.

Thank you for your fast reply.
I was really hoping that it will have nothing to do with the Model name, because that was the only thing that was different from the old router.

I have to correct my first post. The router is very complicated configured (not done by me), more specifically it’s been configured for accesing a PLC through VPN, and the PLC uses MQTT protocols to send data into cloud.

If I want to configure a new one, basically I will only have to change the some IP adresses. This is why I mentioned the changes are minimal.

My concerns are all the MQTT, VPN, etc.

@Teltonika technical support: please help me solve this issue. I have 20 machines all over Germany equipped with the RUT241 routers. If something happens with any of the 20 routers, I am helpless.

Thank you!


As @invalid_route has mentioned, these devices have different LTE modules and thus, backup files from one device cannot be uploaded to the other.

You could try UCI import/export to copy configurations. On Windows machine, WinSCP application can be used to download/upload files onto the router. Though there can be issues because the devices are different.

#export UCI configs to a file
uci export >/tmp/teltonika-config.txt
#import UCI configs from a file on a new device
uci import /tmp/teltonika-config.txt

Before uploading to the second device, edit the exported config file with notepad and delete the whole system config section where product code is. Save the changes, upload the file and import it. It may take a while, there will be no output in the CLI.

The safest option would be to reconfigure one of the new RUT241’s manually and gerenate a new backup file. Then, you will have two backup files, one from RUT24101XXXX, and another one from RUT24100XXXX. You can then upload those files as needed.

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