RUT240 with legacy FW stuck inactive after applying 5y management pack


I’m trying to add two RUT240 with legacy FW to the RMS platform.

After adding each device and applying a 5 years management pack to both, the management status stay stuck to “not actived” and the devices don’t connect to RMS …

First device events
“Device could not connect to the system - device did not have an active credit.”
“Device license expired. Status code 15”.

Second device events
“Device has attempted to connect to the system.”
“Device was activated successfully. Status code 20”.

I have physical access only to the second device, which report “RMS connected” in the device admin webui.

Rebooting both devices by SMS did not help to solve the issue.

Service is ON, monitoring is ON and auto-extend is OFF for both devices.

After reading a lot of other posts for similar issues, I’ve tried to unregistered the device I can easily access and retry the whole registration process.

Somehow, it’s even worst now.
Device is still “not activated” and the 5 years management pack is gone.
Management service is now active with the 30 day free period but the device still does not connect.

SMS command “management_status” report “Monitoring enabled, Connection closed”.
RMS report “Device has attempted to connect to the system.” but nothing more.
Model, serial number, mac address and admin password are correct.
Firmware version is RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4.
Internet is working on the device.

How can I contact RMS support to fix the problem and recover the lost 5y pack ?


Sorry for the late response. I will need some sensitive information about your devices, so I have sent you a form to fill out. Once completed, I will be able to contact you privately. For the ticket ID, please use “6646”.

Best Regards,

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