RUT240 - Wireless Config not available in GUI

Hello team,
I have a new RUT240 with version TRB1_R_00.07.06.2 firmware.
I want to change some settings of the built-in wifi (change the SSID etc)
Normally, this is in Advanced mode, then Network>Wireless. But this baby does not have Wireless under ANY menu anywhere.
Where / how do I administer the settings for the Wireless functions on the 7.06.2 version?
See this screenshot : the ‘Wireless’ option is M.I.A.


It seems like you’re using a different Teltonika device. Based on the mentioned firmware (TRB1_R_00.07.06.2 ) it is actually a firmware for TRB1XX devices. These devices fall into gateway category (Teltonika Networks IoT Gateways) on our product portfolio which doesn’t have the WiFi functionality.
For that reason, Wireless option in the WebUI will not be there as it is only available on Teltonika router devices.

Note that RUT240’s firmware name is RUT2_R_00.0X.0X. Kindly confirm first if you actually have the RUT240 device on you. :slight_smile:
image image

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Yes, its an RUT240.
After repeatedly rebooting it, I have now got the Wireless option.

New post coming up. I need to get it to connect to the site wifi, as an alternative to SIM connectivity


It might be a due to a cached which is why you might be getting a WebUI from a different device. Anyway, that’s great that reboot fixed the issue.

For this configuration, you can refer to our Wiki article (WiFi WAN example - Teltonika Networks Wiki) to configure your router as a WiFi client. Then you can utlize the Failover functionality where if the WiFi connection is not available, it can used the mobile connection as backup. Here’s a link for the Failover config - RUT240 Failover - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Hope this helps.

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