RUT240 WebUi Unreachable


On the one hand, when I want to connect through the WebUI a message pop up saying "the WebUi is unreachable! (although I can unblock it just there). I haven’t had any problems logging and I just updated the firmware. What elese can I do to fix this??

On the other hand, the static leases. seems to be not working for the same device. Can this be related to the WebUI issue? If not, any idea what the proboem can be?



Thanks for reaching us.

Factory reset:

Reset Button: The reset button, located on the front of the device, can be used to either reboot the device or perform a factory reset.

SMS: A factory reset can also be performed by sending an SMS message with the text “<router_password> restore” to the device. The password should be replaced with the actual router password.

Command Line: The factory reset can be executed via the command line using the “firstboot” command, followed by confirmation. The device is then rebooted to its factory settings.

Bootloader Menu: The bootloader menu is a special recovery tool for inaccessible devices. Users can access it by following specific steps, which include setting a static IP address on their computer to interact with the router’s HTTP server. This menu is used for upgrading firmware or bootloader versions.

RMA: If standard recovery methods are ineffective, the device may need to be sent for warranty repair. for that one you have to contact for one of the sales manager in teltonika.


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