RUT240 very slow LTE

Hello together,

I realized that I have only very low speed.

here a pic:

my mobile iPhone and an Android has both with the same SIM around 40 up and 130-150 down.

i have the rut240 with the newest firmware.

what can i show you of the config or what should i adjust to get a better bandwith…

Thanks a lot


While some improvements can be made to increase the speed, it is important to know that RUT240 utilizes Cat 4 modem, which has a maximum theoretical download speed of 150Mbps. It can utilize only one carrier at a time. Meanwhile most mobile phones use modems with category 20 or higher, and are capable of aggregating 5 carriers or more, so RUT240 should not be compared to a mobile phone. We have a YouTube video available about this topic:

As for maximizing the throughput, here are a few suggestions:

  • Enable Software flow offloading. Navigate to Network → Firewall → General Settings and enable Software flow offloading;

  • Run tests to different servers, ideally, iPerf3 can be used to measure the real speeds, as Ookla servers can be overloaded;

  • Additionally, check out this thread: Very slow speed RUT955 - #2 by AndzejJ

Hope this helps!

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